Gracie Green Performs...

Gracie has performed all over the world with a number of incredibly talented artists.  She has had the privilege of playing with Carl Bahner, Brendan McGeehanAnthony Lattanze, Terry Finch, Tim Wolfe, Jr, Matt Martin, Nick Barraclough, Al Nicholls, Chris Ingham, Blue Harlem, Kevin Flanagan, Richard Beadle and Elliott Henshaw

Music can be listened to at the below sources:


Chris Ingham

During Gracie's days at University she studied under the tutelage of Chris Ingham, an outstanding Jazz pianist.

She was involved in many of his production projects and can now been found on various albums in petrol stations with "Simply" in the title!

As well as giving Gracie her first ever recording experience, he also opened her eyes to the wonders of live jazz performance, where she was lucky enough to collaborate with a vast number of local Cambridge Jazz musicans, including but not exclusive to Kevin Flanagan, RevAndrew Brown, and Al Nicholls. 


Richard Beadle

When she lived in Cyprus, Gracie was approached by a man at an evening performance who complimented her on her performance.  This conversation started a wonderful musical partnership that would last years.  Over the next year Richard wrote two songs, the first called "Release Me", a song about being consumed by a bad relationship that won't seem to end.  Then another called "Flying Home", which resulted in Gracie flying home to the UK to start the next chapter of her musical life.  Over the course of the next few years, Richard wrote some absolutely beautiful songs for Gracie and they performed them across the UK, including the Edinburgh Festival, The Delfont Rooms and Bush Hall.